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Do you have an amazing idea for a future best-selling product? This is your time to shine.


Tech Cares

Are you passionate about what technology can do to help in your society? Look no further.

Sponsor Categories



Thinking you could create the next big app? This category is sponsored by Pyze.

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Best use of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is looking for innovators to build with them in the Cloud!

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Google Cloud Platform Prize

Are you fascinated by Google's products and want to get more familiar with their API's? This is perfect for you!

Redefine The Virtual Closet

What do machine learning, computer vision and your closet have to do with each other? You tell us! 


Best use of the Sigma platform

Use Sigma's Platform to generate the next spark of technological innovations! 


Graduate Division

Are you a graduate student? This is a category for you, sponsored by the Graduate Division at UCSC!


Creative Entrepreneurship

Are you creative? An entrepreneur? You might even say a creative entrepreneur? Then check this category out!

Best Domain Name from

Come up with a clever name for your website at!

Best Diversity Hack 

Looking for the best hack combating the lack of diversity in tech!

Best Hack Against Online Harassment

Use your tech skills for good and hack online harassment!