What do I do at the hackathon?

Build anything you want. Literally anything! (as long as it doesn't break the team or submission rules listed above) Take this opportunity to go beyond the classroom assignments, grades and testing and just do that One Thing you've always wanted to do. Want to finally figure out the what you can do with the Google App Engine?  Open up a tutorial and get cracking.  Want to build a GPS tracker for your cat, Coco because she always gets into the weirdest of places? Go ahead. Saw a hack category that caught your eye? Take a look at the requirements and brainstorm some ideas to build around the category. Of course, if you decide building something isn't just working out, there will be plenty of mentors from the industry coming in that you can talk to about anything you want as well as all the workshops happening on Saturday. The only requirement for this hackathon is to enjoy yourself!

I don't know what to build/hack!

Here You Go. ~(‾⌣‾~)

I want to learn something new but I don't know what.

How about something awesome?  ;)

This is my first hackathon! I'm terrified!

Take a deep breath and relax. You'll probably be a little overwhelmed on the first day and that's fine! Take a look here and here for some first-timer hackathon advice. Everyone needs to start somewhere but just to let you know, we are glad you started with us :)