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What's Being Offered at Hack UCSC?


Hack Categories & Prizes

Hack UCSC has a number of categories that individuals and teams can submit their hack for. There are two main categories, Innovation and Tech Cares which you can submit your hack for one or the other. There are also many sponsor categories that have various prizes that you can submit your hack to if they fulfill the requirements of the category. Reference below to see rules for teams and hack submissions. 


Workshops & Talks

Hack UCSC are offering workshops from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday, Jan 21. At these workshops, you'll get the opportunity to learn about different parts of the tech industry from current professionals, learn a new skill or be able to get industry advice for your own projects.

From talking about how Pokemon Go was built to getting app advice from an Apple engineer who worked on the original iPad, Hack UCSC has a plethora of workshops that is sure to excite you!

Hack UCSC Rules

Hack UCSC Submission Rules

  • If any hack submission breaks any of the following rules, they will be immediately disqualified from judging. 
  • All hacks submitted for judging cannot have started coding before 11:59 pm on Jan 20, Friday. Pseudo-code is ok. Actual code is not. 
  • All hacks submitted for judging cannot have code comitted after 12:01 pm on Jan 22, Sunday.
  • Any hardware submission is allowed to be pre-built before the hackathon but the main coding aspect of the hack MUST be accomplished at the hackathon.
  • All hacks submitted for judging must be appropriate for public display and cannot be purposely created for malicious/illegal intentions. 
  • All hacks that wished to be judged for a category must be submitted to the Hack UCSC 2017 Devpost (See below)

Hack UCSC Team Rules

  • Maximum 5 people per team.
  • All team members must be Hack UCSC attendees.
  • All team members must currently be students in an educational institution (high school or college).
  • All team members must be 18 or older during Hack UCSC.
  • Mentors are NOT allowed to join teams, only offer advice. 
  • All team members must follow and agree to the MLH Code of Conduct and Hack UCSC's Terms and Conditions.