Meet Them at Hack UCSC

Below is a few of the incredible individuals you'll meet at the workshops! Don't be shy and definitely say hi!


Jane Degtiareva

A software engineer at Niantic Inc. Her current focus is engineering large-scale server-side applications on cloud platforms, as well as big data processing. She has more than 10 years of industry experience under her belt,  including positions at Logitech and Google.


Tom Padula

An original member of Apple’s iPad team, Tom Padula has been programming iOS since the beginning. He has multiple applications in the Apple App Store and has released dozens of apps on iOS, Mac, and Android platforms. Today he is CTO of Humble Earth, Inc., a small software company based in Santa Cruz.


Srinivas Margasahayam

Srinivas Margasahayam is a Senior Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services. He has years of experience in global operations with high transaction websites and transforming company from on-premise to Cloud and adapting DevOps.


John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin is a Senior Software Developer at Originate where he works on a variety of software projects which have ranged from front end development to the gritty details of securing multi-tenant web platforms. Most recently John has come full circle to his Mathematics roots as Originate takes on AI and big data projects. John's previous career in Computer Graphics include supervision of digital effects and production pipeline development at Sony Pictures Imageworks and Digital Domain. John holds a PhD in Mathematics from New York University and a BS in Mathematics from University of California, Irvine.


Prabhjot Singh

Prabhjot Singh is the president and co-founder of Pyze and has over 15 years of experience in marketing, sales, executive management, & operations. He most recently co-founded Pixatel Systems, a social enterprise that utilizes mobile computing to deploy apps and e-Learning solutions to over 5 million users. Previously, he was VP Marketing at CA Technologies for the Application Performance Management (APM) business and he has held management and engineering positions at Citigroup and Indus River Networks. Prabhjot holds a Bachelor in Computer Systems Engineering from Boston University.


Marc Edwards

Marc Edwards is a technology professional and certified network expert (CCIE #38259). For the past decade his focus has been digital communication systems infrastructure and IP Networking. While working at Cisco, Marc supported the Internetworkings for some of the largest growing global technology companies in the world. Today, multi-billion dollar companies entrust him to make the best tactical decisions for enhancing efficiency and operational agility to their infrastructure. 


Gabe De la Mora

 Gabe graduated from UCSC  with a BS in Computer Science. He's an avid reader of Hacker News and now works as a back-end developer for Code Naturally.


Alfred Young

Alfred graduated from UCSC with a dual degree in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. He's the CTO of Code Naturally, a local start-up engaging students with math concepts by teaching them programming. He's an full-stack developer with applications in the Windows, Android, and Apple app stores. 


Kevin Viet Le

Kevin Viet Le is UC Santa Cruz student who also is  a senior student partner at Microsoft and ambassador at  He is the Secretary of Innovation and Technology for the City of Milpitas.